view past brick chimney and steep roof gable to east wing of house and ground 4 stories below.
closeup of the chimney

I don't expect to view our chimney from this angle again until Resurrection Day.



Of course, simply seeing one more project completed (except for the metal flashing which the chimney builders placed around the base the next morning) would've been a rush.

scaffolding along south side of house up to the chimney on the roof peak

The utilities

Sigh.  "Would the plumber ever come?"

Boy, when he did arrive, pipes formed quickly!  Within minutes more holes were appearing in the floors and walls, metal pipes were being discarded, toilets moved from room to room!  A couple days later, and the plumbing was tested, inspected and nearly complete.  In planning laundry and sink locations, Brian and I thoroughly considered where the drains might run.  We didn't fully comprehend that with all the required vents, there's as much plumbing going up into the attic as down into the earth!  Most of the vents are hidden in walls.

Below, plumber Ron installs a brace for the new shower pipes (right).

The plumber drills a wooden support brace for supporting copper pipes and fixtures in the wall behind the shower.
copper tubing feeding hot and cold water to the new shower fixture
an L-shaped opening cut into the bedroom wall reveals where the bathroom plumbing vents run.

At left, an L-shaped opening cut into the bedroom wall reveals where the bathroom plumbing vents run.

Below is the wash machine drain and vent.

laundry drain installed between exposed studs, visible in the upstairs hallway

Meanwhile, outside, the melting snow and almost thawed ground remind us it'll soon be time to return to exterior work.  I can't wait to see the "after" photograph of this scene...
April mud following the snowmelt

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