Interior views

view from living room through double doors to great room

Front rooms:  Looking from the living room into what we're calling "the great room" for lack of a better word to describe a second big room (15-by-24 feet!), you see a dark window covered by curtains.  Thankfully, the remodelers who added a bathroom behind it some 30 years ago never removed the window or even the shades!  We will turn that bathroom into a back, south-facing porch and light will once again stream in through this window.  

view from yellow southwest bedroom into pink northeast bedroom

Upstairs:  Four large bedrooms and a bathroom open to a large central hall at the top of the stairs.  We like the painted fir floorboards.

view from kitchen into living room (left) and through pantry into great room (right)

Kitchen:  With nearly all the wall space interrupted by large windows or doors to the pantry, porches, bathroom, basement stairs, living room or ironing board (this last door will become a spice rack)—and even a round stove-pipe vent into the bedroom above—the large kitchen will clearly be the traffic center of this house.  We plan to move the stove and sink to an island in the middle so the cook can face the kitchen table and chat, or look into any of the adjoining rooms.

kitchen view into side room with white, double-drainboard sink

long bathroom with claw-foot tub in foreground, toilet in rear, closet with window beyond

Bathrooms:  Just what would an older home be without the charm of an older home's uniquely shaped, long and narrow bathroom?  We see the back walk-in closet housing a shower stall.

On the main floor, we will convert the side room where the sink is, off the kitchen (see photo above), into a half-bath.  True to old house style, however, it'll have a strange feature:  The staircase to the garage and basement will start across from the toilet stool.  Please do knock if you come visiting the back way!

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