The house spends some time in its driveway

house suspended beside excavation, with broken branches on porch roof
Parked in its own driveway (above), the house couldn't be missed by neighbors on their way up Oak Tree Drive Thursday (below).  The view out the window looking right down the road which follows the ravine in front of the house is one of the best this window will ever have, before the building movers slide the home to the west.
view of house at end of Oak Tree Dr.
view from inside, out dark window frame, to fall colors in ravine with barn roof atop distant hill
closeup of gable, with leaves stuck to the eavestrough
A few leaves captured the night before still hung on the eavestrough.  Brian and I walked around inside the house and were pleased to find few cracks or damaged areas which hadn't been present before the move.  Because it was leaning forward a bit, it somewhat resembled walking in a carneval funhouse.
Brian looks at window whose upper sash is at an angle

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