Raising the house

An I-beam protrudes from under the house through a hole punched in the foundation.

I-beam protrudes from under house.


Crossbeams lashed perpendicular to the main I-beams help support the raised house.


crossbeams lashed perpendicular to the main I-beams

Art Fair tents set up in front of the house and churchFarewell party?

No, the village didn't organize a celebration because the home wasn't getting enough attention.  But the location made it even more an attraction during the annual art fair July 19-20 than before.  Standing near it, you could hear the buzz as people walked by:  "moving a house" "house move" "moving this house..."

Ah, remember our ever-patient Yuliya?  Here (at right) she's probably wondering what type of La-La Land she has landed in!

Yulia stands beside the snowfence at the side of the house.


Fairgoers stop to comment on the house.

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