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Antique & Unique

Usemeum, the consulting and design service owned and operated by independent historian Brian Bigler, specializes in advice and assistance in:

  • choosing domestic garden antiques and reproductions,
  • creating historically accurate educational exhibits attractive to the public,
  • researching and locating film and theater properties,
  • designing accurate period interior settings, and
  • collecting, preserving and archiving of historic items.
  • Based near Madison, Wisconsin, Usemeum works on-site with you and your organization, bringing resources and more than 30 years of experience in exhibit design and construction, museum management, historic collecting, volunteer organizing and training, and interior/exterior design.

    See the difference in your production that a helping hand can make from someone who understands the challenges of a tight budget and reliance on the goodwill of volunteers.




    UseMEum owner Brian Bigler, seated

    Contact Usemeum at (608) 437-7776 or e-mail the owner,
    Brian Bigler, at



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    Relocating house built in 1890

    Lead Region Historic Trust, Inc.


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